Corporate Leisure

Корпоративный отдых

It goes without saying that corporate holidays have recently become an integral, essential part of working days. Professional preparation and competent organization of corporate event is a great way to strengthen team spirit and unite the personnel.

Corporate holiday is a perfect way to relax among colleagues and coworkers. Often, corporate events’ etiquette allows inviting friends, acquaintances and relatives. Excellent picnic or party in the elite club of the capital, strict formal meeting or tourist trip – corporate leisure can be very diverse.

Regarding the program of corporate holiday, the choice is truly endless. Everything is determined by the ideology of corporate event (birthday and New Year party, or the official presentation, banquet, buffet), its style (a secular, democratic, sports, or carnival), tastes and preferences of management, the assigned budget. But in any case, the customer needs the services of mc, music and interactive program.

Anyhow, corporate events are meant to unite the workers, bring colleagues and employees together.
Preparing the event for you, we take responsibility for:
• Selection and rent of the hall (we may look for and choose some unusual venues for events)
• Scripting for your event
• Search of professional presenters and instructors for your event
• Technical support: microphones, TV sets, recorders, audio and video equipment, simultaneous translation, projectors, flip charts, etc.
• Accommodation of participants
• Rent of transport, organization of transfers for participants, transportation of equipment
• Preparation of printed and souvenir products, their delivery
• Coffee breaks, lunches, buffets, banquets
• Inviting the media
• Arranging entertainment

If you want to hold a corporate holiday or just spend some time with your friends and relatives in an interesting way, we offer you the following services:

-    Parties at pleasure boats

-    Team building

-    Corporate Camping

-    Organization of parties, corporate events

-    Excursions

Call us or send an application and share which event you’d like to arrange for you and your team, and we will gladly provide you with all the necessary information on prices, organization and work out an individual program for you!



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